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Being a squad member at word on the street, gave me a safe and friendly community. The staff are reliable even if what you’re asking for is not related to Word On The Street. The other squad members around me became my friends. This helped me become a little more sociable, I can’t thank everyone at Word On The Street enough for that. Along with the community, being a squad member has taught me a bunch of new things. I have learned what it takes to run a website, how to figure out what is appropriate to go up on a website so that I can stay true to the vision created for the website, how to lead and work on a team, as well as refining some of my design skills. Word on the street is fun, creating events or advertising or even performing at word on the street is really fun to do. It also gave me some insight on other artist and what they feel is important in the community. This allowed me to formulate opinions on Seeing a lot of people going to events me and the squad help prepare for, brings a sense of pride to a lot of us. Being a member has helped me up my work ethic. Some of the work there is difficult, sometimes it requires I take it home. This has made me learn to work harder on things I want to get done. Word On The Street has taught me how to manage my time better when doing work but when to relax as well. The tour of the south side garden, the special guest, giving us a look into their careers, along with performances from artist from all over kept Word On The Street interesting for me. The creative activities presented by the staff kept the air light hearted. Word On The Street has helped me get opportunities I would have never gotten. I have gotten to do a lot of performances, most notably, Gombey.